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Purno de purno

Purno de Purno

MAHVHPW Animation Architects

In total we made 16 episode Purno de Purno, each episode 6 and half minutes long. The character animations were done by Maarten Visser, Bas de Ruiter and Paco Vink. Michiel Wesselius and Sander Alt provided the compositing and the background animations.

We received the Scripts from the spiritual fathers of Purno de Purno, Hans Wessels and Marcus Vlaar.

For the lover alongside a few legendary episodes from the last season, enjoy!

  • Client¬†
    MAHVHPW Animation Architects
  • animatie ¬†/ production
    Urrebuk Maarten Visser, Bas de ruiter, Paco Vink, Michiel Wesselius, Sander Alt
  • broadcaster
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    00 31 (0) 6 40060292

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