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Hoogheemraad- schap Schieland en krimpenerwaard


Hoogheemraadschap Schieland en Krimpenerwaard


We made this aftermovie in collaboration with ZW3 communication (production & script) and Edwin Haighton who was responsible for the beautiful drone recordings.

The film was made after a very successful dike reinforcement operation in Capelle and Moordrecht. This film was made to inform fellow engineers about the innovative techniques. These techniques have led to the project being completed within time and within budget.

After the project was completed we were able to get started. No more is visible on the outside of the dikes where the work was carried out.
We have proposed to use graphics about the live-action images to show what work has been done.

  • Client
  • animation / script / production / drone recordings
    Urrebuk / ZW3 Communicatie / Edwin Haighton
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    00 31 (0) 6 40060292

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