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Het Fruitzooitje

Aartsenfruit kids foundation

The fruit shed has been introduced to make children playfully aware of healthy food. They represent the teaching package “power treats”; a very varied teaching package consisting of a board game, playing cards, animations and a lesson / do book. Urrebuk has realized this together with a number of parties. The assignment came from “”De mannen van Rijnland“” commissioned by the Aartsenfruit Kids Foundation. The men from Rhineland were responsible for the production.

The graphic design and the website were provided by Antenna-men. All the fantastic illustration work is made by  Caroline Ellerbeck.Alies Kool has written the scripts for the animations and also provided the necessary input for the content side of the project. Urrebuk brought these specialists together to come to a beautiful lesson package.

The products are now being tested in the Breda region with the aim of eventually launching the package nationwide.


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