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hogeschool rotterdam
hogeschool rotterdam
hogeschool rotterdam


expertise centrum maatschappelijke innovatie

EMI is a relatively young organization that offers students an opportunity to gain practical experience in Rotterdam Zuid. It is one of the two expertise centers of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. EMI focuses primarily on the social economic problems in Rotterdam South. EMI is part of the national program Rotterdam Zuid. (NPRZ)

We are asked to visualize the multi-faceted activities of EMI with the help of an animation. An informative animation but also one that encourages students to contact EMI to get started with a project.

We have chosen to work with “real students” and place them against collages. This gave us the opportunity to visualize the different activities of EMI in a recognizable way.

  • Client
    EMI (hogeschool Rotterdam)
  • animatie  /  production / script
    Urrebuk, script in samenwerking met Art de Vos (zw3 communicatie)
  • want to know more ?
    00 31 (0) 6 40060292

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